In this project, I look at the various aspects of a place- natural history, architecture, cultural relics, religion, individuals-- and the connections between and within these elements. Although this series is centered around my home states in the American south and midwest, I want to emphasize the continuity of certain themes both within and across geography. Displaying these images as diptychs puts them in a context, creating a connection that relates places to one another and also emphasizes their uniqueness.


American Flag, Pine Mountain, Georgia
Limestone Quarry, Old Lee Highway, Alabama
Taxidermy, Waverly, Alabama
White-tailed Deer Skull, near Eskridge, Kansas
Sugar Factory, Southern Louisiana.
Firing Range, Colbert County, Alabama
Families, Tuscumbia, Alabama and Fort Polk, Louisiana
Dead Coyotes, near Cherokee, Alabama.
Coon Dog Cemetery, northern Alabama
Protest Sign, Colbert County, Alabama .
Painted Wall, Florence, Alabama
Dinosaur Model, Glen Rose, Texas
Abandoned mini-golf course, Alabama
City Park After Storm, San Francisco, California
Kudzu-covered Field, Southern Tennessee
Mosasaurs, Galveston, Texas
Traveling Snake Exhibit, Texas State Fair, Dallas
Car in the Snow, Denton, Texas
Hiking Mt Hood, Oregon
W.C. Rice, before his death in 2004
Halloween Parade, Dallas Texas
Airplanes , Kansas City, Missouri
Railroad Houses, Waverly Alabama
Cross Garden, Alabama
Catholic Cemetery, New Mexico
Church Sign, Pungoteague, Maryland
Graffiti, Lawrence, Kansas
Brush Fires, Eastern Kansas
Abandoned vehicles, Louisiana